GM Customer Sales & Service Retention

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2.Enroll in CSSR
CSSR Overview:
What is the CSSR Program:
.Provides a "Core" CRM Program for your owners
.Best-in-class practices - tailored to your needs
.A multi-channel approach for you to communicate to your customers in a regimented fashion from the time they take ownership of a new vehicle until they purchase their next vehicle
.Email, Direct Mail, and/or Telephone all available
.Based on customer preference and response analysis
.Utilizing an extensive array of GM Data (Sales History, Sales Modeling, OnStar OVD when available, Demographic, etc.) and your Dealership Management System to determine when to communicate service and sales messages to customers

Step 1 & 2

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1. Data Share Participation Agreement
2. Data Share Access Information Form
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Step 3

3. Complete the CSSR Enrollment Process.

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